The First Annual Story Field Conference Instructions

Those of us who can invest a bit more time and attention can get to know each other in some interesting ways.

We have set up a Story Field Conference networking site on

To use it, we enter our bio information (including a photo) and Attendr then shows us a map where we and others are located. It also allows us to categorize our interests with searchable tags (key words) so we can easily find each other with similar interests. And it allows us to list who we know and who we'd like to meet -- and find out who wants to meet us.

We encourage Story Field participants to give Attendr a try. It is a bit buggy and odd, but really quite useful. Since Attendr is designed to help us connect with each other, the more of us who use it, the more useful it will be for all.

Below are some instructions to help you use Attendr.


When you go to Attendr, register or log in (by clicking the "Add Yourself" link). If you don't do this, some of these instructions won't work. (If your computer is set to automatically log you in, of course, you don't have to do this, and your name will appear in the upper righthand corner).

Once you've registered, click on the little brown house icon next to your name in the list. This will take you to your bio page. Click the big "Edit" link at the top of your bio page and fill out the information, including "tags" (words which describe your interests). When you're done and saved your changes, you can return to the home page by clicking "storyfieldconference" in the blue square in the upper right corner.

On the Attendr home page, you'll see a big map and a list of Story Field Conference attendees. If you click on one of their names, the map will show you where they live, highlight the names of people they know, and even draw lines to those people on the map. If you click on the name in their name balloon on the map -- or if you click on the little house icon to the left of their name in the list -- you will go to their bio/home page.

Again, on the Attendr home page, if you see someone you know, click on the little icon (in the middle icon column) that shows two people together. If you see someone you'd like to meet, click the icon in the third icon column (the single little figure). Clicking on the little red and blue knot icon near someone's name will show you their connections on the map.

At the bottom of the home page and on most bio pages, you will see a list of key words -- categories, called "tags", that people have chosen or created to identify themselves and their interests. Clicking on a tag will show you who used that tag as a descriptor. You can then click on their names to see who they are, and see what other tags they might have created.

If you run across someone you would like to meet, you can click on their names and go to their bio/home page. There you'll find who they know, and be able to follow their tags to find other people you might be interested in. So you can explore many people who have similar interests by following leads like this through the Attendr site.

Note that some people on the site have non-story field people on their lists of people they know or want to meet. This is because a number of conferences have used attendr for linking their attendees and there is no way to segregate one conference's attendees from attendees at other conferences. If this is true of you, you can go through and uncheck all the people you had said you'd known or wanted to meet who are not coming to the Story Field Conference. (Unfortunately, you can not eliminate the names of the people who wanted to meet you.) This is a minor bug in otherwise very useful software.


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This conference is being organized with support from the Kellogg Foundation and the Co-Intelligence Institute.
Illustration credit: Dana Lynne Andersen, in
From Lava to Life: the Universe Tells our Earth Story by Jennifer Morgan -- Courtesy of Dawn Publications