The First Annual Story Field Conference




"Invoking a New World through Story"



a pioneering interdisciplinary gathering

of storytellers, artists and experts

called by the field of stories arising among us

in the midst of the storm 

August 26-31, 2007


Shambhala Mountain Center, Colorado





What is the new narrative that is already calling us?


What stories -- both ancient and emerging -- are so powerful that they draw us to hope, to care, and to engage?


How can stories and the ways we tell them shift society into greater aliveness and wisdom?


Some of those stories are full of bright promise...
Others speak of great darkness...
Many see bright possibilities emerging from a dark future, saying....



It is a dark and stormy night, and something is wanting to be born...



We invite to this birth all energies that


We come to this conference from many story disciplines, each with elements of an emerging pattern.  Together, we can shape a new cultural narrative -- made of a myriad of different stories -- that none of us could shape alone.  We are


novelists, movie makers, artists, composers, performers, musicians, journalists, historians, futurists, city planners, online game designers, and storytellers of a dozen stripes. 


And among us also are experts covering a broad spectrum of what it will take to make a vibrant world. 


Together, we can invoke a new "story field" -- a socio-magnetic field pulsing with our diverse insights, struggles and dreams.  Together, we can plot stories of yesterday, today, and tomorrow -- of fact and fiction -- that re-make our world, appearing in


newspapers and magazines, TV series and talk shows, books and blogs, movies and monologues, songs and stickers, advertisements and images, histories, traditions and predictions, performances, computer games, and conversations over dinners, coffees, and beers.


We seek people who take seriously their role in how things turn out.



Conference Intention

We believe that changing the stories of the defining culture is a key to the social transformation of humanity now at hand.
Our intention is to gather a diverse group of creative artists, media people, thinkers, and doers engaged in story-work
to share our stories of what we are doing and learning in our own work,
to deepen our collective insights into the story change process,
and to grow the relationships of new alliances.
The centerpiece of the gathering will be an Open Space process designed to facilitate deep dialogue.
For more about the conference process, click here.
For one person's story of a multi-day Open Space gathering like this one, see this report.
For a theory of emergence underlying Open Space and other such processes, click here.

For more on our conference intention, click here.

We want you with us.


The conference fee is $400 and accommodations range from $296-$820.  If you need financial help to participate, contact Cheryl Genet at or 805-438-4088.


The site is a rural retreat center. The conference, itself, will be designed to help you find others who share your passions, with ample time to talk and work together, or to have quiet retreat time, together or alone. Each hour and day can be as full or empty as you wish it. Companionship will be remarkable, scenery gorgeous. Please arrive between 2 and 5pm on Sunday, August 26. The program will end with lunch at 12:30pm on Friday, August 31.


For more information, explore the other links at the conference home page.


Let us know soon if you can make it, for space is limited, variety is vital, and interest is keen.  Reply to the person who invited you -- and REGISTER HERE.


We hope to see you there.





The Storyfield Conference invitational team


Tom Atlee

Peggy Holman

and the other attendees



P.S. You are welcome to share the invitation mindfully. By this, we mean sense who you most want to be in this conversation with. As we asked ourselves that question, we reached out to creative innovators, who are skilled, respected professionals in their field; people who are well connected, willing to collaborate, willing to risk, able to listen and committed to creating a world that works for all. Overall, we are striving for diversity in age, ethnicity, and perspective.


This conference is being organized with support from the Kellogg Foundation and the Co-Intelligence Institute.


Illustration credit


From Lava to Life; the Universe Tells our Earth Story

Jennifer Morgan author, illustrated by Dana Lynne Andersen

Courtesy of Dawn Publications

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