The First Annual Story Field Conference

Examples of Cultural

Metanarratives and Story Fields*

In this conference we aren't trying to formulate one dominant cultural metanarrative, story field or Big Story for everyone to buy in to. But we do want to explore examples and favorites for deeper understanding and common threads that can inform our co-creations.

This page provides some examples of articulated Big Stories and metanarratives we might explore together. Many of them resonate with each other, but each has a unique flavor and "center of gravity."

If you have or know of other such metanarratives that would be good to include here, please submit them to .

"The Great Turning"

The Great Story of Evolution (Becoming Conscious of Itself)

Humankind Surviving through Alliances with Animals and Plants

We seek more concisely articulated resources for this metanarrative, but these will serve as place-holders for now.


* For most purposes, the terms "Big Story", "cultural narrative", "myth", "metanarrative", and "story field" are used somewhat interchangeably in this project. When we want to be more precise, we can tap into the different connotations described here:

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This conference is being organized with support from the Kellogg Foundation and the Co-Intelligence Institute.
Illustration credit: Dana Lynne Andersen, in
From Lava to Life: the Universe Tells our Earth Story by Jennifer Morgan -- Courtesy of Dawn Publications